Here you can learn about our vehicles and equipment:

Dive-Rescue 77-1

2015 Ford F250 4x4 with Knapheide utility body:

Equipped for quick response water rescue, ice rescue, and high angle rescue. Has an 8' inflatable water rescue raft in the bed along with a pull out bed containing assorted tools and equipment. The stokes basket is equipped with a flotation rig. Vehicle pulls Boat 77-1 .

Dive-Rescue 77-2

1989 GMC 700 Chassis with Frontline Rescue Body:

Equipped for underwater search and recovery operations. Unit has six complete sets of SCUBA gear (we dive doubles for recovery operations); three single-tank sets of SCUBA gear (for evidence searches in shallower water); 4 OTS Guardian full face masks (for SCUBA diving); 3 Kirby-Morgan DSI band masks (for surface supplied diving); a three-bottle primary surface supplied diving system with an independent back-up air system cart; assorted sized dry suits; 2 dual diver intercom systems; underwater evidence/crime scene equipment; a SONAR unit; lift bags; assorted hand tools, a PTO generator; portable generator; assorted vehicle-mounted and portable flood lights and verious dive scene support equipment. The unit is also equipped with EMS equipment, oxygen, stokes basket and an AED.

Dive-Rescue 77-3

2001 Freightliner FL-60:

Equipped for dive scene support and diver rehab. Equipped with EMS equipment, oxygen, an AED, and a four bottle 6000 PSI cascade system for refilling SCUBA bottles and SCBA bottles at fire scenes. Also equipped with a Video Ray ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) which has both front and rear facing cameras as well as side scan sonar.

Squad 77

1996 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4:

Equipped with basic water rescue and EMS equipment. Used as second-out/second call vehicle for water rescue calls, towing Boat 77-2, and personnel transport. Equipped with a light tower for on-scene lighting.

Utility 77

1989 Dodge Dakota 4x4:

Equipped with basic water rescue and EMS equipment. Assigned to Station 77 duty driver or duty officer.

Boat 77-1 & 3

Boat 77-1:

12-foot Zodiac inflatable set up primarily for water rescue operations. Equipped per CCFCA requirements.


Boat 77-3:

10-ft Saturn Swift Water Rescue Raft. Used for water rescue operations and underwater recovery on-water equipment staging.

Boat 77-2

Boat 77-2:

16-foot Zodiac inflatable set up primarily for underwater search and recovery dive operations. Equipped per CCFCA requirements.